American Horror Stories: Is the cursed movie Rabbit Rabbit real?

American Horror Stories episode 3 is now streaming on FX on Hulu. The chilling episode centers on a film that is supposedly cursed, titled Rabbit Rabbit. Does this film really exist? Are there any “haunted” movies?

In the third episode of the American Horror Story spin-off, a madmen created a movie that makes audiences go crazy and rip others apart. Literally. In a screening of the film, many died, and it was enough for the senator to demand the movie be pulled from theaters.

After serving time in jail, the crazed man was able to screen his film at a drive-in theater, and just about everyone who watched went crazy. And those who didn’t, were killed by the others.

The man, portrayed by AHS icon John Carroll Lynch, claims to have worked on The Exorcist, as well, where he inserted subliminal messages that caused several viewers to throw up, among other things.

This isn’t the first or last time that these triggers were plugged into movies to get a strong reaction from the audiences, Lynch’s character brags. But how truthful is this statement? Is Rabbit Rabbit real? Are there any haunted or cursed movies?

Is the haunted movie real in American Horror Stories?

A quick Google search will prove that Rabbit Rabbit does not exist, but there are many movies that are claimed to be haunted. The top result is Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made, which, according to Mirror, led to the deaths of 86 people.

The deaths were not caused by violent murderers, though, but accidents such as an explosion or a fire in the theater. Many who have seen the movie claim it is disturbing. Horror fans can stream the movie Antrum for free on Vudu and more platforms.

One thing the movie did get right, are some facts about The Exorcist. The movie does make many audiences sick due to the events witnessed.

Variety lists several other movies that make viewers sick to their stomach.

What’s the most disturbing movie you’ve seen? Are you enjoying American Horror Stories so far? New episodes of the spin-off premiere Thursdays at 12:01 a.m. ET only on FX on HuluAmerican Horror Story season 10 premieres on FX on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021.