Where can you stream M. Night Shyamalan’s Old movie from home?

Old movie poster, photo courtesy Universal
Old movie poster, photo courtesy Universal /

M. Night Shyamalan is making his return to the director’s chair this weekend for the release of Old. Will the movie be available on the small screen or big screen, or both? Here’s what you need to know about Shyamalan’s Old movie.

The return of M. Night Shyamalan has arrived, and by watching the trailer, this one looks as CREEPY as ever. For those of you who have seen the trailer, when that kid is in the water, and that body part floats upon him, I would never step foot in the water ever again. But, I am excited to see what the horror genius has in store for us.

I will be first to admit that M. Night’s filmography is very hit and miss. Every one of his trailers sets the stage for this mystery or intrigue and often lets us down in the end. I am definitely interested to see if he can ignite that magic one more time for us with Old.

Old is a mysterious new thriller about a family on a summer vacation who realizes they are on an island that somehow causes them to age rapidly. The film stars one of my favorite up-and-coming actors, Alex Wolff.

One thing of note, I have heard some early chatter surrounding some of those who have seen the film and they said M. Night is back and has created some magic for us once again.

Can you stream Shyamalan’s Old movie online from home?

Sadly, no. This movie is not streaming (and won’t be streaming) on Netflix, HBO Max, or any other service. In fact, you won’t be able to catch it on VOD/On Demand.

Unless the movie fails to generate a decent box office over its first few weekends, I wouldn’t expect the film to be available outside theaters until the fall.

To check out Old, you will have to see it on the big screen, as the movie is playing to a wide release this weekend.

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Do you have plans on watching Old in theaters? Or waiting for more word of mouth? Or wait until it comes out on VOD/On Demand?