Where to watch Motherland: Fort Salem online

MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Coup" - Courtesy of Freeform/David Bukach
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Coup" - Courtesy of Freeform/David Bukach /

Something witchy this way comes for viewers interested in a fresh take on witch fiction. If you haven’t checked out Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem, then you’re missing out.

The series, created by Eliot Laurence, drops its audience into a world where witches make up the world’s armed forces. In America this is done through an agreement, the Salem Accords, which conscripts every witch into service regardless of their abilities.

In this world, witches derive their power from their voices. It’s not magic, it’s work. They don’t cast spells, they manipulate the world around them using different pitches and sounds to command the elements.

However, not every witch believes in the Accords or agrees that witches should be forced by law into protecting the United States and its civilian population. See, becoming a part of the witch’s army isn’t a choice. You join or you die.

For those willing to go to the extreme to fight for witch liberation, there’s the terrorist organization the Spree. Until every witch is free to choose their own future, they’ll attack civilians, killing thousands in the process and putting the U.S. on edge.

If you’re ready to dive into this witch drama, here’s how to watch the series online.

Where to stream Motherland: Fort Salem

Motherland: Fort Salem season 2 is currently airing on Freeform. New episodes of the season premiere Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. If you’d like to watch the episodes live online then you can do so via Freeform.com.

For next day-viewing, new episodes can be streamed on Hulu. The platform is also home to the show’s first season for those new to the series to binge or savor as they see fit.

There’s been no word on whether Motherland: Fort Salem has been renewed for a season 3. We’ll keep you posted on news and coverage focused on the witchy series here at Hidden Remote.

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