Outer Banks season 2 finale: 5 biggest questions about those cliffhangers

After leaving fans with major cliffhangers at the end of season 1, Outer Banks season 2 dropped its entire season on Netflix and immediately took a top spot among viewers. With John B and Sarah on the run to the Bahamas, everyone back at the Outer Banks thought they’d capsized in the storm as they fled.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Outer Banks Season 2!

Outer Banks season 2 answered many of last year’s questions within its first few episodes and reunited the crew of Pogues during a wild chase scene after both groups ended up in Charleston, South Carolina. The group worked to expose Ward and Rafe as the true villains in Sheriff Peterkin’s murder, but the story surrounding the gold bars was pushed out of the picture for most of the story.

Last season, the Pogues were on a race to find the Royal Merchant’s treasure, and a series of clues on the island led them to the jackpot. This season, that hunt was significantly expanded when they learned there was a religious relic hidden in a giant gold cross that also belonged to Denmark Tanny — and the search became much more personal for the Pogues when Pope uncovered that he is a descendant of the Tanny himself.

With another descendant tied to the Royal Merchant also on the hunt for the gold cross, the Pogues faced more dangerous challenges with intensified stakes as they worked to solve the clues, find Pope’s family inheritance, and keep themselves from being killed or kidnapped in the process. Here are 5 of our biggest questions after finishing Outer Banks season 2 and being left with a few major cliffhangers.

Outer Banks Season 2


Top 5 Outer Banks season 2 cliffhanger questions

1. Pogues in the Caribbean: What will the group’s next move be on the island?

On the run once again, the Pogues find themselves on a deserted beach with no shelter, food, money, or supplies for themselves. The Camerons will know that the group was able to escape on the life boat, but they won’t know whether they made it safely ashore or where the boat landed. We saw that Kiara’s parents are left in the dark about what happened, and it’s possible the Outer Banks will assume that the worst has happened (just like the Season 1 cliffhanger with Sarah and John B.) How long will John B, JJ, Kiara, Pope, Sarah and Cleo be able to stay safely on “Poguelandia” before needing to find a way back home?

2. Cameron cover-up: Will the Outer Banks learn Ward Cameron faked his own death?

Able to sneak away with the treasure once again, Ward Cameron is now on his own flight plan away from the Outer Banks. He can seemingly never return home now that he took the blame for the murders, which will change the game for a potential third season. Will Sarah and the Pogues be able to get word out to the police that he faked his own death? Will the crew double cross him?

3. Limbrey’s revenge: Will Limbrey go after Ward and Rafe to take back the cross?

A new element in Outer Banks Season 2 was the addition of the Limbreys joining the treasure hunt. More determined than ever to get hold of the gold cross and still find a way to heal herself, we saw in the last moments of the season that Limbrey knows much more than we initially thought about what’s happened on the Outer Banks and the search for the Royal Merchant.

In arguably the largest plot twist of the season, Limbrey traveled to meet with John B Routledge senior — also apparently still alive — to form an alliance to get the treasure. I trust her much more than Ward, and though she clearly only wants to help herself, she could be a valuable in the fight against Ward and Rafe.

4. John B Outer Banks Season 2 twist: Will big John B Routledge reveal he’s alive in Barbados?

We truly didn’t see this one coming. It was revealed that John B’s dad is in fact still alive at the end of Outer Banks Season 2 and has been in hiding. If John B senior does work out an agreement and a plan with Limbrey, will he be able to reach out to his son? If he is able to communicate with his son, this reunion will be the most anticipated of the new season.

5. Sarah’s decision: What will Sarah’s role be to take down her family, get the cross, and expose the truth?

Once again, one of the strongest players on the chess board is Sarah Cameron. Though Pope has the right to the treasure and money, it’s Sarah who has the most information and leverage about what actually happened with Ward and her family. But Ward might be more interested in tracking down Sarah then she will be in finding him. Will Ward want to make sure Sarah stays silent on what actually happened? Will the Pogues push for Sarah to prove to the police that Ward is alive and tried to hurt her?

It will be very interesting to see how the Pogues interact with Ward/Rafe and Limbrey as the story continues. With the title “Outer Banks,” we know the characters will need to eventually find their way back to North Carolina, and we’re excited for what’s still left to uncover from Tanny’s treasure.

Outer Banks has not officially been renewed for the third season, but after these major cliffhangers and set-ups at the end of Outer Banks season 2, we hope see a third season drop sometime within the next year or two on Netflix.