Overlook TV series: Which streaming platform will pick up The Shining spinoff?

ROGER DALE FLOYD as Young Danny in the Warner Bros. Pictures’ supernatural thriller “STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
ROGER DALE FLOYD as Young Danny in the Warner Bros. Pictures’ supernatural thriller “STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. /

Overlook, the J.J. Abrams-produced The Shining spinoff is looking for a new home after HBO Max decided not to move forward with the series. The Overlook TV series was one of the many shows that Abrams’ Bad Robot and HBO Max were going to co-produce as part of their 2019 mega deal. But as it turns out, HBO Max has other priorities.

According to Deadline, the studio executives were enthusiastic about the series but “felt it was not a fit for them at this time”.

Warner Bros., who produced The Shining, has been trying to expand the world of the iconic horror film in hopes of creating a franchise. Those plans came to fruition with 2019’s Doctor Sleep starring Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, the film served as a direct sequel to both the 1980 film and the novel. Doctor Sleep was well received by critics and audiences alike but failed to light the box office on fire, as many had expected.

Perhaps that’s the reason why HBO Max isn’t too big on making another The Shining spinoff. Recently, another Bad Robot production, Lovecraft Country, which bagged a whopping 18 Emmy nominations, was canceled at HBO– probably due to the low ratings. Also, HBO Max already has numerous shows lined up for the next couple of years – from original series to reboots like Gossip Girl and the various DC films and series.

Plus, with HBO Max being a new and growing streaming service, they’re likely trying to minimize risks and bank on content that helps put them on the map. But whatever the case, Bad Robot, and HBO are on good terms and will still be collaborating on several projects. Abrams himself is making an original show titled Demimonde for the streaming service.

What Is the Overlook TV series about?

Overlook is an original series written by Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown. The horror-thriller series is inspired by Stephen King’s various creations and focuses on other horrifying incidents that took place in the Overlook hotel before the Torrance family moved there.

As most fans would know, Overlook hotel had a long history of violent occurrences, with hordes of ghosts permanently residing in the hotel.

Judging by what we know, it’s safe to say, Overlook would serve more like a prequel than a spinoff dealing with the origins of the eponymous hotel- how it became haunted? Who were the past guests? What happened to them? What they did? etc. That is a multi-season premise right there.

What happens next? Is the Overlook TV series canceled forever?

Overlook is now being shopped over to other studios. There are many potential buyers for the series, but Netflix is reportedly the highest bidder. Netflix has previously adapted many of King’s novels into movies and has quite a few in active development as well.

With Apple TV+, Paramount+, Peacock, and numerous other relatively newer streaming services trying to make a mark in the highly competitive streaming industry, Overlook is bound to get picked up sooner or later. If and when it will be made remains another topic of discussion. Hopefully, we get some good news soon.

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Tell us in the comments if you want Overlook to happen or not, and which streaming platform should pick it up.