Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That: What’s next for Carrie and Big?

384168 01: Actors Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Chris Noth (Mr. Big) act in a scene from the HBO television series "Sex and the City" third season, episode "Drama Queen". (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Newsmakers)
384168 01: Actors Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Chris Noth (Mr. Big) act in a scene from the HBO television series "Sex and the City" third season, episode "Drama Queen". (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Newsmakers) /

The Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…, is coming to HBO Max. While there are a lot of important questions we hope the reboot answers (like, “why,” for starters), there’s one big one on a lot of minds: Are Carrie and Big still together?

If you followed SATC during its original run, you know that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) were that constantly on again/off again couple that, after what felt like an eternity, were established as endgame. The final scenes of the HBO series involved Big sweeping Carrie off her feet in Paris, then bringing her home to New York, all with her besties’ blessings.

Then, of course, we had the movies. Both Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2 (very creative film names, by the way) established that Carrie and Big still had their problems. In the first movie, Big left Carrie at the altar, only to get a much more them happily-ever-after in the end.

A lot of times, we don’t talk about the sequel…But before diving into some concerns about the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…, we have to go there. A whopping two years into their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. John James Preston were in a rut. A culturally-insensitive (at best) girls’ trip to Abu Dhabi ensued, complete with Carrie’s ex, Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) showing up to create drama…But, for the millionth time, Carrie chose Big.

Sex and the City reboot: Are Carrie and Big together in And Just Like That
NEW YORK – OCTOBER 12: (ITALY OUT; NY DAILY NEWS, NEWSDAY OUT) Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of ”Sex and the City” on October 12, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images) /

And Just Like That Sex and the City reboot: What’s next for Carrie and Big

Between Chris Noth being on The Equalizer on CBS and initial chatter that only mentioned Corbett, it seemed like the Sex and the City reboot was recycling the Big vs. Aidan issue. Again. But then we started receiving confirmations that Noth would return to play Carrie Bradshaw’s husband.

SATC, which has always been about relationships, could totally tackle the types of struggles married couples face after over a decade without breaking Carrie and Big up…Right? Otherwise, what would be the point of bringing this franchise back, especially when Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones would already be MIA???

Well. Before a single episode hit HBO Max, there was some drama in the form of a leaked script, which seemed to indicate SATC had swung the relationship pendulum back in the opposite direction for the billionth time.

Whether you were Team Aidan or Team Big, you ought to be, at the very least, irritated by all of this. Are women really so incapable of making relationship decisions, that even years after marrying one guy, running into the ex in a foreign country, having doubts, and then going back where you had already established you wanted to be “til death do you part,” we…have the same dilemma?

The answer ought to be no. Otherwise, our first question (“why”) about the mere existence of this Sex and the City reboot—which, yes, we’re suckers and are going to watch anyway—really demands an answer. It’s all just very insulting.

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There’s at least some hope we’re not re-re-re-re-recycling, though: Chris Noth has posted photos of himself and costar Sarah Jessica Parker snuggling in Carrie and Big’s bed on And Just Like That… with the caption, “Just like the old days!

And just like that…We’re more confused than ever.

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