What happens to Shane and Rachel in The White Lotus season 1 finale?

The White Lotus on HBO, image credit Mario Perez/HBO
The White Lotus on HBO, image credit Mario Perez/HBO /

The White Lotus season 1 has come to a close with a killer finale. What happened to newlyweds Shane and Rachel? Spoilers ahead!

The premiere episode of The White Lotus introduced audiences to a group of visitor’s staying at the luxury hotel resort The White Lotus. From the very beginning, there has been a lot going on, yet, audiences weren’t sure where the story was headed. One thing was for sure, no one could look away.

Season 1, episode 4 features a very bonkers scene we didn’t really see coming. And the finale episode, episode 6, “Departures,” gives us yet another unexpected scene along with a death that has been teased since the first episode.

One of the stories most followed is that of Shane (Jake Lacy) and Rachel’s (Alexandra Daddario) marriage. The two are at The White Lotus for their honeymoon. But their first trips a newlyweds isn’t sweet for long.

Does Rachel leave Shane in The White Lotus?

It’s very clear that Rachel isn’t privileged like her husband. Rachel didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, she enjoys working and takes pride in her career. When Shane tells her she never has to work again (and he prefers that she doesn’t), she doesn’t know what to think.

Rachel feels trapped and begins to realize she married Shane before even really getting to know him. And Shane’s ongoing battle of power with Armond isn’t really helping.

Rachel tries to reach out to Belinda for help, but the recently heartbroken Belinda wants none of it. Belinda hasn’t even begun to heal from what Tanya did to her, so she’s not about to become involved in someone else’s business.

With no one on her side, Rachel goes back to Shane in the end. It’s obvious she’s not very happy about her decision, she looks more defeated than anything else. But the very oblivious Shane is just happy Rachel’s back ad that he won’t be alone to see anything else.

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HBO has renewed The White Lotus for a second season that will follow a new group of guests staying at a different location of the famous hotel.