What happens to Tanya and Belinda in The White Lotus finale?

The White Lotus on HBO, image credit Mario Perez/HBO
The White Lotus on HBO, image credit Mario Perez/HBO /

Jennifer Coolidge’s portrayal of Tanya has been one of the most fun to watch on HBO‘s The White LotusWhat happened between her and Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) in the season 1 finale?

Tanya arrives at the White Lotus hotel alone, there to scatter her mother’s ashes. She tries to befriend the other guests there and get their advice on her situation, but no one is truly interested, except Belinda.

Belinda works at the resort as the spa manager, she helps Tanya, who is very appreciative. Tanya sees the how talented and good at her job Belinda is and wants to help her. Belinda is too kind and naive to realize that Tanya is never going to come through for her.

Even though Belinda was always there when Tanya needed her, Tanya decides to forget about her promise of helping Belinda out when she meets Greg, another guest at the hotel. She may only know Greg for a few days, but Tanya is ready to follow Greg around wherever he goes. It’s what she does, Tanya said it herself. She finds someone and uses money to keep them around.

What happens to Tanya in The White Lotus?

We’re not sure how Tanya’s story will end. She will either be happy with Greg or be heartbroken again just like previous times.

I’m leaning towards the latter because Tanya seems to be in a pattern, and that’s very unfortunate.

What happens to Belinda in The White Lotus?

Belinda, however, is stuck in the hotel. We see the pain in her face as a new group of guests are arriving at the hotel. She quickly turns that frown upside down as the new guests get closer and we can’t help but feel bad for her.

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The White Lotus will be back with another season as it has been renewed for season 2 by HBO . The upcoming season will follow a new group of guests in a new location.