General Hospital spoilers: Will Maxie see the ‘ghost’ of Sonny?

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Will this week on General Hospital be the one when someone discovers that Sonny is alive? That’s exactly what the spoilers seem to suggest!

In a new clip that was shared on Twitter featuring exciting highlights for the week of August 23, Sonny/Mike is heard asking if someone is alright. He then says that it looks like they had seen a ghost. That may indeed be true.

On Friday’s shocker, Maxie showed up in Nixon Falls unexpectedly. She came knocking on the door of the Tan-O. Nina was totally shocked to see her former sister-in-law standing there. This was right after Sonny/Mike left the bar. Now Nina will be scrambling to get Maxie out of there before he returns.

In another preview clip for Monday’s General Hospital, Maxie seems to understand why Nina has stayed in Nixon Falls for so long. However, she is even more anxious to meet her new guy. Little does she know that this new man in Nina’s life is actually Carly’s “dead” husband that has been kept a secret for months.

Now, it appears by the looks of the preview that Maxie will really meet Mike this week and be totally shocked as to who it is. However, the soap really loves to fool viewers, so this may likely just be another teaser. Will Maxie discover Nina’s secret?

General Hospital spoilers suggests Nina will have another visitor

Spoilers for the next couple of weeks strongly reveals that Maxie won’t be running into Sonny anytime soon. It looks like she heads back to Port Charles after visiting with Nina. It’s likely that Nina finds a way to shoo her out of town before she catches a glimpse of her new boyfriend.

But Nina will be getting another visitor on Thursday’s General Hospital that may cause even more problems for her. It sounds like it will be someone who will not be too welcomed at all. It could be Jax who will seek her out for some support regarding his feud with Carly about Joss.

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Who do you think will come knocking on Nina’s door after Maxie leaves? Will this person be the one who finds Sonny and causes Nina to scramble to keep anyone in Port Charles from finding out, especially his wife?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.