Watch The Hype episode 7-8 online tonight

"Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace." The Hype. Photograph by Tobin Yelland/HBO Max.
"Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace." The Hype. Photograph by Tobin Yelland/HBO Max. /

The Hype, HBO Max’s streetwear competition series, has produced fire looks thanks to the designers blazing a trail on the show. However, with episode 7 and 8 dropping tonight, we’re coming to the end of the series.

Our top four competitors–Camila, Justin, Kai, and Paije–are in for a fight as the competition continues to be fierce and the judges don’t pull punches. Last episode, “Offset Your Style,” made clear to the contestants that it’s possible for no designer to receive a co-sign.

If the judges aren’t feeling their work then they won’t put their name behind it. That wake up call has the four going into this last stretch of the competition with their eyes firmly on the prize. They’re so close they can taste it, but if their designs aren’t up to par, not even passion will keep them in the running.

Here’s how to watch the final two episodes of The Hype and what challenges the designers will face as the competition draws to a close.

How to stream The Hype 7-8 online

Date: Thursday, August 26, 2021
Release Time: 12:01 a.m. PT/3:01 a.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 7-8
Streamer: HBO Max

After a confrontational sixth episode, The Hype returns for a battle to the finish line with its top four designers. In episode 7, “Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace,” they’ll have to create a piece inspired by a strong, influential woman in their lives. It’s a challenge that seems right up Paije and Camila’s alley, while the men–Kai and Justin–could be in for some trouble as they work on their own designs.

The show’s finale, “The Co-Sign,” determines who has earned the 150,000 dollars and the ultimate co-sign of judges Offset, Marnie Senofonte, and Bephie Berkett. The finalists will compete using the look books they created all season, their designs developed from challenge to challenge, and the addition of pieces to complete their full collection.

Who will win The Hype and bring notoriety to their name and brand? Tune in Thursday, August 26 to find out!

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