10 HBO Max movies and shows to watch in September 2021

What will you be watching on HBO Max in September 2021? Not sure what’s headed to the streaming platform? Do you not have an account, but are curious? Welcome! Here, we share our 10 favorite HBO Max movies and shows to watch this month.

It seems like there’s one too many streaming services available these days, but I believe each one has something unique to offer and caters to a different group of people. This is great, because there’s something for everyone!

Disney+, for example, is here for families and fans of Marvel and Star Wars, while Netflix has a little bit of everything. Apple TV+ has more mature content (and some of the best performances), while Peacock and Paramount+ seem to still be figuring things out.

As for HBO Max, it’s our go-to streaming service for big features, and, most recently, a crazy reality TV show.

Which streaming platform is your favorite? If you’re here for a quick list of everything premiering on HBO Max in the month of September 2021, we highlight the top 10 new HBO Max movies and shows to watch.

HBO and HBO Max movies and shows to stream at home

  • Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Wizard City, Sept. 2
  • Sweet Life: Los Angeles finale, Sept. 2 (and Reunion Special on Sept. 9)
  • Malignant, Sept. 10
  • Scenes From A Marriage, Sept. 12
  • Cry Macho, Sept. 17
  • Ahir Shah: Dots, Sept. 23
  • Doom Patrol season 3, Sept. 23
  • The Other Two season 2 finale, Sept. 23
  • Nuclear Family, Sept. 26
  • The Way Down, Sept. 30

Just in time for the Halloween season, enjoy The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 beginning Sept. 1. This month, HBO Max will also be adding Promising Young Woman on Sept. 25, and Those Who Wish Me Dead in Sept. 30.

Is there anything you believe we missed? Let us know if we forgot about a great series or movie premiering on HBO Max this month.