Who was eliminated in The Circle season 3, episodes 1-4? 

Who has already been blocked on The Circle season 3? Here are the players who were eliminated in episodes 1-4 and the players still in the game so far.

Alert! Before you read on, you should know that there are spoilers ahead. Watch the first four episodes of The Circle season 3, now streaming on Netflix, before reading on.

The Circle season 3 is dropping new episodes on Netflix in batches. The first four are now streaming, and they’ll be followed by new episodes every Wednesday this month, arriving to the streaming platform at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Below, we quickly recap the first four episodes and share who has been blocked from The Circle.

What happens in The Circle season 3, episodes 1-4?

The first twist comes right away! The Circle reveals that the highest ranked player will become the influencer and be able to eliminate someone right away. Ultimately, Kai is ranked the highest and she blocks Ava (and Chanel).

But not so fast! Another twist is introduced in the final moments of the first episode, and that’s that Ava and Chanel get a second chance. If they want to return to the game, they must clone one of the players. Ava and Chanel pick Michelle.

What Ava (and Chanel) have to do next is convince the players that they are the real Michelle so that the players block the real-real Michelle. Shockingly, the players are convinced that Ava and Chanel are the Michelle, and end up blocking the actual Michelle. It’s heartbreaking (but sorta funny) to see! Michelle is simply too sweet and kind for this game.

After getting eliminated, Michelle goes to see Ava (and Chanel), when, in my opinion, she should’ve seen someone else so that she could warn them about the evil clone. What did I say? Michelle is just too sweet and came into this game without a real strategy.

Next, Sophia and Rachel enter the chat, but not as themselves! Sophia enters the game as Isabella, and Rachel as Jackson.

The episode 4 influencers are Kai and Ruksana, and they block Michelle, which is really Ava and Chanel. The episode ends with a shocked Kai entering Michelle’s room only to find Ava and Chanel there. Let’s just say, she can’t believe her eyes.

Who has been eliminated so far on The Circle season 3 (episodes 1-4)?

Blocked so far, are:

  • Ava and Chanel
  • Michelle

Which players are still in the game on The Circle season 3 (episodes 1-4)?

Players still in the game, are:

  • Calvin
  • Kai
  • Ashley aka Matthew
  • Ruksana
  • Daniel
  • Nick
  • Isabella aka Sophia
  • Jackson aka Rachel

What do you think of the season so far? Which player are you rooting for this season? Don’t forget, there are still more players to meet (and so many more twists ahead)!

Stream new episodes of The Circle season 3 on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 12:01 a.m. PT.