Is a new episode of Riverdale season 5 on tonight, Sept. 15?

Riverdale season 5, episode 16 “Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers” returns us to our regularly scheduled Riverdale ridiculousness tonight after a lighter though still emotional episode last week that reunited Josie and the Pussycats.

Now we’re back to PTSD arcs, Betty on the trail of killers, the nonsense happening over at the Church of Jason Blossom, and Jughead’s recovery as the show launches back into the stories that have filled the back half of this season.

One of which is going to be seeing some much needed progress though it’ll mean Veronica’s back with the boys after “Chapter Ninety-One: The Return of the Pussycats” saw her finally interacting with the women of the show in a significant way.

The criticism around Veronica’s storylines being tied to the men of Riverdale will likely only get stronger with this episode as she’ll be contending not only with her father but also with her conniving, manipulative husband Chad with Riverdale‘s ladies more than likely being absent from her story.

The clash between the Lodges continues in Riverdale season 5, episode 16

Once again Chad has returned to wreak havoc on Veronica’s life including her finances as he has called the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on her. This agency protects investors so this is presumably about Pearls and Posh (a plot point of hers that we’re still unclear on).

His interference means she once again has to get creative to raise some funds. Where there’s blood in the water, however, Hiram is never too far behind, so V will need to watch her back because she has not one but two snakes in her garden.

The jury is still out on Reggie and how he fits into all of this. “Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs” saw the former goon working closely with Veronica on her venture with Pearls and Posh. This came after Hiram cut him loose and the pair parted ways amicably.

It’s still uncertain where Reggie’s loyalty lies now that he’s worked for both Lodges. Perhaps that’ll come up this episode as they’re once again coming for each other’s throats with Chad turning this duel into an all out battle royale of wills and schemes.

Watch the trailer for “Band of Brothers” below:

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