How Alma became the biggest villain in American Horror Story

American Horror Story season 10, AHS - Key Art. CR: FX
American Horror Story season 10, AHS - Key Art. CR: FX /

American Horror Story: Double Feature episode 5 solidified Alma as the most hated AHS character. Here’s how and why fans can’t wait to get rid of this little bloodsucker.

The American Horror Story universe has featured a wide variety of villains. In fact, our sister-site 1428 Elm recently put together a list of the greatest AHS villains of all time.

Villains on the list include Bloody Face, the horrible Delphine LaLaurie, Richard Ramirez, and Michael Langdon. But it’s safe to say that, after season 10, episode 5, “Gaslight,” Alma (portrayed by the talented Ryan Kiera Armstrong) has climbed the list and claimed the top spot.

Listen, if there’s one thing audiences hate, it’s an annoying kid on TV. Remember all the hate Carl from The Walking Dead got? Exactly. But what viewers absolutely can’t stand are evil kids on TV. Now that just crosses the line.

Alma from American Horror Story: Double Feature is the biggest villain

First of all, a round of applause for Ryan Kiera Armstrong! What a talented young lady. Let’s admit it, she’s doing her job of making us not enjoy her character. Each time she speaks, I want to just throw her out the window, which is how we’re supposed to feel!

You can see the young actress in The Tomorrow War, The Glorias, and Anne with An E. 

Now, back to Alma…

In AHS: Double Feature episode 5, “Gaslight,” Alma makes her sweet mother Doris take the pill, manipulating Doris into thinking that Alma believes in her talent. We all know, though, that Alma knew Doris was not talented, unfortunately.

Alma wanted her mom to turn into a pale bloodsucker so Doris could be out of their lives. You can’t even blame Alma’s behavior on the pill. Alma has been cold to the bone from the start. Long before taking the pill, Alma has been rude, calculating, and extremely pretentious.

Now that Doris is out of the picture, there’s no one to protect the baby. And it’s not looking good for little Eli!

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