Why The Outpost deserves another season

The Outpost -- “Someone Has To Rule” -- Image Number: OUT3B01_0034 -- Pictured (L - R): Jake Stormoen as Captain Garret Spears -- Photo: Aleksandar Letic/NBCU International -- 2020 Outpost TV LLC. Courtesy of Electric Entertainment.
The Outpost -- “Someone Has To Rule” -- Image Number: OUT3B01_0034 -- Pictured (L - R): Jake Stormoen as Captain Garret Spears -- Photo: Aleksandar Letic/NBCU International -- 2020 Outpost TV LLC. Courtesy of Electric Entertainment. /

Okay Blackbloods, we’re well into Season 4 of The Outpost now and A LOT has happened. Relationships have been tested, battles have been fought, old friends have returned, and fan favorite characters have died.

There are only a handful of episodes left in Season 4 but so many things that still need to be wrapped up. Unfortunately, as per Deadline, The CW has chosen not to renew The Outpost and season 4 will be the last.

While this is not entirely surprising, it is extremely disappointing. The Outpost was such a refreshing show and it deserved more love and many more seasons.

The Outpost is unlike anything else on TV

There are many reasons why The Outpost deserves to live on and have more seasons. But I will start by saying that one of the main reasons is that it’s so unlike anything else on TV right now.

Sure there are a couple fantasy shows here and there, mostly on streaming services, but overall there are very few fantasy shows to be found. Especially ones actually on TV and not a streaming service. The Outpost is unique and fun and finally a show for fantasy lovers to watch on TV once a week.

Even among fantasy shows not all of them are able to provide both the fantasy element and the plot and character development the way The Outpost does. There is a reason the fans of the show are so devoted to it.

The amazing characters and cast in The Outpost

The Outpost also has an amazing cast of characters that fans immediately fell in love with. Talon, Garret, Janzo, Wren, Gwynn, and Munt are just a few of the many characters that are so beloved by fans. I know I speak for myself as well when I say that the fans aren’t ready to let them go. There’s so much more we want to see from them and so much more story to tell.

Not only are the characters on the show amazing but the actors bringing them to life are just as fantastic. They put their heart and soul into it and they do their best to show love to their fans, interact with them, and keep them excited for the show. I have never seen such a warm group of actors and they genuinely love their jobs and love talking to the fans. So not only do the fans deserve more seasons, but the actors do as well.

All the plotlines that still need to be resolved in The Outpost

With only a few episodes now left to finish out the series, I hope they will be able to wrap up the story properly. But as they already finished filming it some time ago it is likely there will still be some plots and questions left open or unresolved. It is only fair to let The Outpost have another season to wrap everything up the way they would like, while knowing in advance that it’s going to be the end.

Honestly there’s so many elements that have to come together in these final few episodes that I cannot even begin to imagine how everything is going to be wrapped up. You have the plotline of saving Talon and Zed from the old Gods, Wren and Janzo’s half human-half Blackblood baby, what to do with the race of Kahvi sleeping below The Outpost, Garret and Talon hopefully mending their relationship, and then deciding who is going to rule The Outpost now that Tobin and Falista are gone. And that is just some of the remaining plots.

Even if all those plotlines are satisfactorily resolved in these final episodes, the show still has so much more potential for future stories. Perhaps Gwynn, Tobin, and Falista could return somehow. We could watch the struggles of Janzo and Wren trying to raise their baby when a half-human and half-Blackblood child will not be easily accepted. And no matter who they choose to rule The Outpost (Talon and Garret have my vote) it is going to be a struggle for them and there are plenty of stories that could be mined from that.

The Outpost has a dedicated fanbase

While the fanbase of The Outpost may not be as large as some others, they are a loving and dedicated group of fans. The show may have a bit more of a cult following, rather than large popular appeal, but that is part of its charm.  And with each season as the show gets better and better the viewership has been growing. There is a market for fantasy shows if networks would just learn to capitalize on it.

Other shows with similarly dedicated fanbases have been able to save their shows and The Outpost deserves another chance as well. Fans have already begun using the hashtags #SaveTheOutpost and #RenewTheOutpost.

Unfortunately at the end of the day numbers do matter, and it is likely that The Outpost may not have the numbers needed to save it. However that does not make it any less deserving. It is an underrated show, and with a slightly larger budget and a little more promotion it could have gained a massive fan following. So good luck to all the Blackbloods who are fighting to save their show, and as a fellow Blackblood I genuinely hope you succeed.

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What is your favorite thing about  The Outpost? Why do you think it deserves another season? Let us know!

The Outpost airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW with the series finale set for Oct. 7, 2021.