Should you binge-watch Manifest? Take this quiz and find out! 

It’s no secret that we love all TV here at Hidden Remote! But even though we’re always down to checking out any and all genres, we do have a few personal favorite shows, and Manifest is one of them.

The series has had quite the journey! It used to be an NBC series, but was canceled after three seasons and, you know the story — Netflix to the rescue!

Netflix is known for saving shows networks have dismissed. This is because the streaming platform has a giant audience and Manifest found itself with the right crowd. Some shows are just meant for binge-watching.

We’re all excited about Manifest season 4! And while we’re sad this will be its final season, we’re also glad that at the very least, the show creators will be able to give each character a proper conclusion.

If you’re not watching Manifest, you’re missing out! But is the series a match with your TV-watching needs? What if Manifest was not meant for you? I doubt it, but you never know!

How to know if Manifest should be your next weekend binge-watch

Don’t worry, we have the solution. There’s only one way to find out if you’re meant to binge-watch Manifest over the next week (or save it for another time), and that’s to take Hidden Remote’s Binge Quiz, which answers the question “what should I binge?” for you.

There are so many shows across streaming services and networks ready for audiences to dive in. It’s truly the golden age of binge watching.

The Binge Quiz asks a few short questions to match you with the show you should be watching. Whether you’re ready to fill up a Saturday, get lost in a series over a weekend, or are willing to dedicate one or more weeks, the quiz has it all.

Other questions to expect from the Binge Quiz, include, whether you’re searching for something silly or clever, your favorite TV characters of all-time, your favorite binge-watching snack, and more!

Take the quiz and let us know if you got Manifest as your result! Manifest season 1-3 are streaming on Netflix.