Animal Kingdom Season 5: How did Smurf first meet Baz?

Animal Kingdom Season 5 finally revealed how Smurf first met Baz. Throughout the popular drama series, audiences have followed two timelines on the show Animal Kingdom.

One timeline follows the Cody family in present day Oceanside, and a second timeline takes place decades before, following the matriarch Smurf as she builds her small empire in the community with robberies, scams and money laundering.

In the first two seasons of the show, the story primarily focused on Smurf’s relationship with her four sons and nephew, and we’ve always known that her oldest son, Baz, was adopted by Smurf around the age of 12 after he was being abused by his father. But until this point, we haven’t been given many other details about how Baz came to join the Codys.

Smurf and Baz on Animal Kingdom

On Animal Kingdom Season 5, Episode 11 we see young Baz for the first time in the past timeline as he plays at a playground with young Andrew and Julia. It was revealed that Smurf was trying to work Baz’s mom, Linda, for information about how to get to Max. Seeking revenge after Max threatened her kids, Smurf was ready to take Max out of the game, but the plan backfired when Linda tipped him off about her plan.

It had previously been confirmed that we’d see a teenage Baz in Animal Kingdom Season 6, but we hadn’t expected this twist between Smurf and Linda to be how the Codys were first introduced to Baz. We got a very brief look at Baz’s personality before he became a Cody, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the character will be brought back into the story since being killed in the present timeline in Season 2.

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