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Sex Education season 3
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One of Netflix‘s best shows, Sex Education, is finally out and available for binge. This season continued its theme of being one of the smartest and most inclusive shows on television.

This season also kept the show as fresh and exciting as ever. When the finale finally came, many questions were raised as to what the future would hold for these characters.

Spoilers for Sex Education Season 3 ahead.

5 questions we have after watching Sex Education season 3

What will happen with Maeve and Otis?

In the season three finale, we finally see Maeve and Otis willing to start a relationship. However, as faith would have it, life steps in the way and Maeve decides she wants to head off to the United States. This pair has been a case of “will they/won’t they” for three seasons now, so you have to wonder if they are going to try to make long distance work.

As Maeve leaves, she tells Otis “See you soon.” This could be a positive sign for the future of this couple since it seems as though Maeve still is wanting to come back to Otis when her time in America is done.

Will Maeve be in Season 4?

Here is another question that I truthfully just don’t know yet. I guess it all depends on how far into the future season four goes. I would like to think that the show would still want to follow Maeve’s journey into the states.

For one of the first times in the show, Maeve is doing something completely for herself, and it would be nice to see how her character uses her time in the States – away from the chaos of Moordale – to grow as a person. I would not want her character to take a smaller role just because she isn’t able to interact with the rest of the cast, but for her character to grow by herself.

What will happen with Eric and Adam?

Eric and Adam aren’t necessarily on the best terms. Adam grew exponentially over this season as a person, and their relationship was one of the best parts of the first half of this season. Towards the later half of the season though, we see Eric growing more in himself as well, and what Eric wants doesn’t mesh with what Adam can provide at the moment.

It was heartbreaking to see one of the best – and my personal favorite – couple break up. We end the season with Eric dressed up in his Nigerian clothes, as Adam is competing in the dog show, showing they are both going their separate paths into season four.

I don’t know if we will ever see this couple back together, but it seems as though season four could be a further exploration into both of their characters apart from one another. Similar to Maeve and Otis, season four could be one of self discovery, and Eric and Adam could take this time to figure themselves out personally rather than as a couple.

Will Otis start the clinic back up?

Otis realizes he actually enjoys helping people and wants to do it more, even telling his mom that he wants to actually pursue the clinic. The issue is, with Maeve – who was half the clinic – leaving for the United States, you have to wonder if he actually is going to start the clinic back up. She was such an integral part to the success of the clinic, and without her around to be involved, Otis will have to take on a bigger role if he wants to keep the clinic going.

There also comes the issue of what will happen with Moordale. With Otis’s willingness to actually continue the clinic, I could see where he maybe tries to make the clinic a bigger thing in season four, and try to help people outside of just a dirty bathroom stall.

What is going to happen with Moordale?

This is the biggest question at hand, and a really interesting one as well. Moordale being shut down has been a topic of discussion for years, but in the season three finale, they finally go all the way and announce that since investors are pulling out they are shutting down the school.

This is something that is going to be probably kept under wraps until much closer to the release of season four, but Moordale was the institution holding all of our favorite characters together. Without it, a lot of interaction between specific characters could be lost. I am interested to see how they keep everyone involved without the school.

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