What show should I watch: Shows with antiheroes

Ozark - Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix
Ozark - Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix /

Oh, how we love our antiheroes, those compelling lead characters who are socially awkward, or ethically challenged, or morally dubious, or even outright murderous. The Hidden Remote TV show quiz gave me some great recommendations for shows with antiheroes.

Intrigued? Check out my list, and take the quiz to get your own custom recommendations.

When you’re searching for the next show to binge-watch, Hidden Remote can help you find a winner quickly. The TV Binge Quiz poses 10 fun questions to give you five perfect show recommendations. You can even take the TV show quiz multiple times with different answers to suit your current bingeing mood.

So good at being bad

I took the TV show quiz and picked answers with words including “drama,” “gasp,” and “slow burn” to get my antihero recommendations, but with 10 questions to answer, you’re sure to come up with your own list that’s equally compelling.

Here are the shows that were recommended for me by the TV Binge Quiz. When you’re ready to spend some time on the dark side, you might consider one of these for your next binge-watch.

The TV show quiz recommends the following shows with antiheroes:

Breaking Bad

Possibly the greatest TV series ever, the tightly paced and unrelentingly dark series takes you on a wild, multiseason ride as high school chemistry teacher Walter White devolves from loving father and husband to criminal antihero.

Better Call Saul

This spin-off from Breaking Bad is comic, dark, and desperate as it chronicles the origin story of Breaking Bad‘s morally bankrupt and compulsively watchable attorney Saul Goodman.

True Detective

Matthew McConaughey burns in this gripping murder mystery as a tightly wound homicide detective who will go to unfathomable depths—and spend half of the season a suspect himself—in pursuit of a serial killer.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Not all antiheroes are killers. Some of them are a comic riot. Larry David plays a fictionalized version of himself, a comedy writer who can’t understand—or blatantly ignores—social conventions. His constant predicaments are our comedy gold.


What’s more antihero than a serial killer who works by day for the Miami Metro Police Department? Dexter is dark stuff, but it’s a great binge-watch if you’re into that sort of thing.


Jason Bateman and Laura Linney give us two antiheroes for the price of one as a couple who get involved in money-laundering with a drug cartel and find they can’t get themselves out.

Which shows with antiheroes will you be watching? Take the TV Binge Quiz to get your own custom recommendations. And please let me know in the comments what you end up choosing.

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