Which Halloween movies do you have to watch before Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures
Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures /

Halloween Kills is in theaters Oct. 15, 2021. Which Michael Myers movies do you have to watch before it? Can you go see Halloween Kills if you’ve never seen a movie from the Halloween franchise?

Everyone is watching their favorite Halloween movies to prepare for the big day! Each Halloween season, I enjoy binge-watching a fun and spooky mix of some Halloween classics and some new movies. And always at the top of my list are the Michael Myers movies.

The Halloween movie series is one of the most confusing and frustrating to keep up with. The plot has changed many times and Michael Myers has died and resurrected more times than I have kept up with. I won’t even begin to try to explain it. Let’s just say, watch these movies with no expectations and enjoy! They really are so much fun.

That said, with Halloween Kills on the way, you’re likely wanting to know how many, if any, movies you need to watch.

How many movies should you watch before Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills is a direct sequel to 2018’s Halloween. In fact, the movie picks up right where Halloween (2018) ends. To get the story and characters, I recommend you watch at least this one movie.

You can stream Halloween 2018 on Sling TV and Hulu.

Watch Halloween 2018 and you’re all set! After Halloween Kills, there will be one more movie in this new trilogy, Halloween Ends, set to be released on Oct. 14, 2022.

Do you want more Halloween fun? Whether you have more time to watch these horror-slasher movies or enjoyed Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills and want more, why not watch the rest of the movie series?

HERE is a quick list of where you can stream online each movie from the franchise.

My favorite Halloween movies are: the original and Halloween: H20: 20 Years Later. 

Will you be watching the new movie in theaters or streaming it from home? 

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