Alaskan Bush People exclusive sneak peek: It’s back to Browntown

Alaskan Bush People - Courtesy of Discovery
Alaskan Bush People - Courtesy of Discovery /

Some of the Brown family head back to Browntown in Alaskan Bush People this week. Take a look at just how excited they are for the trip.

Snowbird is heading back to Browntown during the new episode of Alaskan Bush People. We get a sneak peek of what this means to her and the plans she’s making while out there.

It all starts with some exfoliating of the skin. We see her using mud (well, she hopes it’s mud!) to clean out her pores and clean her face. Mud masks are certainly commonly used, but it’s not often that people will use the real mud outside. It is great for the skin, assuming that it’s definitely mud.

Alaskan Bush People exclusive clip

The family discuss their plans while they’re out in the wilderness. One of the plans is to go deer hunting as Snowbird can’t even remember the last time she went deer hunting.

This isn’t hunting for the sake of it. The Brown family hunts for food, and these kids have grown up thinking about the whole family. Not only will they eat some of the deer while they’re in Browntown, but they’re also going to take some of it back to the whole family.

That is the plan, anyway. Will it all work out? That’s something to watch the episode for, but I just love how they’ve got the whole family on their mind while back in Browntown.

This is going to be a special moment for the family heading to the wilderness. Back in 2018, the Brown family moved to LA due to Ami’s cancer. Ami’s cancer is in remission but the family remained in LA after the doctors advised it.

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Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.