Dress up in DIY Squid Game Halloween costumes of contestants and guards

Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park
Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park /

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Netflix’s new South Korean survivalist drama series, Squid Game, has taken the world by storm since its premiere on the platform on September 17. The nine-episode series takes viewers on a wild ride about people playing children’s games to win money to pay back their debts, but if they don’t win, they lose on a whole new level.

The show and dalgona candies have captured our attention, and we bet plenty of people will want to dress up as the game contestants and masked guards this Halloween, so here is what you will need to create your DIY costumes of these characters.

Game Contestants

Discover Pre-Smile's 'Squid Game' tracksuits on Amazon.
Discover Pre-Smile’s ‘Squid Game’ tracksuits on Amazon. /

All the game contestants on Squid Game are dress in green tracksuits with white stripes on the sides and white numbers on the front. The green tracksuit tops and bottoms are now available on Amazon in sizes ranging from small to 4X-large. They come in a variety of numbers the characters from the show wear including, Seong Gi-hun (456), Jang Deok-su (001), Cho Sang-woo (218), Ji-yeong (240), and Kang Sae-byeok (067).

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Masked Guards

Discover Jayayamala's 'Squid Game' mask on Amazon.
Discover Jayayamala’s ‘Squid Game’ mask on Amazon. /

The masked guards on Squid Game wear similar tracksuits, but theirs are a bright red-pink color and have either the shape of a triangle, square, or circle instead of a number. They also wear stiff masks with the same shape as the ones on the suits on their foreheads. The same brand that makes the contestant outfits also has guard costumes with symbols depending on which one you want to be. Get a corresponding mask below as well so you can complete the look.

Buy the mask: Amazon

Buy the tracksuit: Amazon

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