Best foreign horror movies to watch for Halloween 2021

Parasite movie: Ki-jung Kim So-dam Park and Ki-woo Park Woo-sik Choi in Parasite. Photo via
Parasite movie: Ki-jung Kim So-dam Park and Ki-woo Park Woo-sik Choi in Parasite. Photo via /
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Best Asian horror movies

There are just so many foreign horror movies to cover. Asian horror movies have this ability to draw us into the supernatural and take us on some wild twists. Here are some extra horror movies to check out.


This movie from Singapore and Malaysia focuses on a vengeful spirit trapped on an island. She died at 23:59, and she is looking for blood in her afterlife.

The ghost story is pretty run-of-the-mill, but it’s fascinating to learn of the supernatural element to the story. Plus, there is intensity throughout even when you think you know what’s going to happen.


You’ll often hear of Macabre described as Indonesia’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are certainly some similarities. While a group of travelers come across distressed Maya, they have no idea that she’s luring them into a trap.

Maya is the one sent out to lure people into her family. One of the things this movie does differently to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that the family seems normal form the outside.


This Chinese horror movie focuses on a woman who’s life is falling apart. She turns to dumplings as a way to cope, but there’s something very different about these dumplings. The recipe calls for human fetuses.

It’s certainly a controversial movie. It’s going to raise a lot of questions, and it will leave you feeling uneasy. But isn’t that the point of horror sometimes?


Thailand has the next offering, which will make you think twice about cameras again. Yes, there is a U.S. remake of this, but Shutter is far scarier and better to watch.

Tun is involved in a car accident that leaves a mysterious woman dead. Or is she really dead? When he starts taking photos and sees spectral images in them, he believes the images are of the girl he hit. He decides to look for answers, but sometimes, the past is better left in the past.

The Eye

Another one to check out is The Eye from Singapore. Mun gets an eye cornea transplant, curing her blindness she’s suffered for 18 years. However, doesn’t sight come with a catch?

It certainly does in horror movies. That’s the case with The Eye, which gives Mun the ability to see death before it happens. This could be useful, but there’s a ghostly visitor that accompanies the visions.