Netflix cancels SPOILER, no second season for hit teen favorite

After years of building up a bad rap for canceling shows without cause or proper conclusions, Netflix has turned a corner this year in not only being more active in handing our renewals but in also picking up select series for multiple seasons.

While 2021 has been an overall quiet year for the streaming powerhouse in terms of series canceled, that doesn’t mean it’s been good news for every original program… and another unlucky series has just been added to that list.

Despite fan interest and the creative team’s desire to return for a second season, Netflix has officially canceled its teen comedy Dash and Lily after one season.

Nearly a year after season 1 dropped in November 2020, Netflix has confirmed a second season will not be coming with the holiday hit’s season 1 finale now serving as its series finale. The series joins a growing list of shows to be canceled after just one season, with 2021 alone seeing Netflix cancel The Crew, Country Comfort, Cursed, The Irregulars and Jupiter’s Legacy after just one season.

Why was Dash and Lily canceled by Netflix?

Although there had been hope among fans that a second season could be coming this holiday season, it’s one and done for the romantic comedy. Making matters even more difficult for fans is the fact that no official reason was provided as to why the show will not be getting a second season.

Considering there was interest from the creative team to continue the story in looking to the second book in Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s series, it seems likely the ratings perhaps weren’t as strong as Netflix hoped they’d be for the show.