Monday TV ratings: Ordinary Joe up, NCISes down [Oct. 4, 2021]

ORDINARY JOE -- Episode 102 "Requiem" -- Pictured: Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks -- (Photo by: Fernando Decillis/NBC)
ORDINARY JOE -- Episode 102 "Requiem" -- Pictured: Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks -- (Photo by: Fernando Decillis/NBC) /

The TV ratings for Monday, Oct. 4 are in. How did our favorite shows perform? Ordinary Joe saw a tick up in both, but the NCISes were down.

There was some trouble for the scripted shows on Monday, Oct. 4. The majority of them saw downward ticks, and some of them more concerning than others.

Roswell, New Mexico and Ordinary Joe were the only two scripted shows that saw upward ticks. There’s no need to worry about Roswell since it’s already renewed, but Ordinary Joe is one we’re keeping a close eye on.

The 11% uptick in the demo was good. It made it to 0.4 and matched NCIS: Hawaii and The Good Doctor in the timeslot. The total audience ticked up by 3.5% to 2.78 million. It’s still on the low side, but will the demo be enough to help the show? NBC doesn’t give a series much of a chance, so I’m worried about this one.

NCISes and 9-1-1 down, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars mixed in the live TV ratings

The Voice won the night in the demo, despite a 6% dip. The audience was the second-best of the night with its 5% increase. There’s no need to worry about this series being canceled.

Likewise, we’ll likely see Dancing with the Stars return. The 4% increase in the demo led to it being the second-best of the night. The audience was down 2% but the numbers are still strong for the series.

We’re disappointed for the scripted shows, though. 9-1-1 was down 5%, but it was the highest demo for scripted content. It also matched Dancing with the Stars‘s demo. It’s total audience was down 8%, dipping below the 5m marker.

NCIS was also down, and down by a concerning amount. It lost 15% in the demo, dropping to 0.6. This is way down from its usual Tuesday night figures. The total audience was the best of the night, but the figures were still down 5%.

Likewise, NCIS: Hawaii saw a 20% dip and 3% dip in the demo and audience respectively. This thing that might keep these two shows going is the fact that their audiences are the best of the timeslots. NCIS‘s demo was the best of the timeslot and NCIS: Hawaii matched the other two shows.

The Big Leap is the series we’re most concerned about. It saw a 20% decrease in the demo down to 0.2 (remember 9-1-1 was at 0.8 before it). Its audience was down 3% to 1.41m (down from 9-1-1‘s 4.99m). I don’t think this new series will get a second season.

Take a look at the full live TV ratings for Monday, Oct. 4.

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Which shows are you most concerned about? What do you take from the TV ratings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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