Where does American Horror Story: Double Feature take place in the AHS timeline?

American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Lily Rabe as Amelia Earhart. CR: FX
American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Lily Rabe as Amelia Earhart. CR: FX /

After ten seasons, American Horror Story has grown from a horror anthology into a sprawling franchise that weaves together tales of the macabre with an impressive timeline that bobs and weaves throughout the fabric of the series.

Characters have been known to appear from one season to another and events from one season have impacted others. Season 10’s American Horror Story: Double Feature includes two big stories. Let’s break down how they fit into the AHS timeline.

Red Tide and Death Valley make up the two stories in Double Feature, with Red Tide encompassing six episodes and Death Valley taking up the remaining four episodes of the season.

Does American Horror Story: Double Feature fit in the AHS timeline?

Red Tide is the story of a struggling writer, his pregnant wife and his musical genius daughter who arrive in a Cape Cod town so that he can find inspiration to work. He gets more than he bargained for when he meets two enigmatic figures who share mysterious pills with him that bring about incredible bouts of creativity but they come at a terrible cost.

According to the American Horror Story Wiki, Red Tide takes place in January 2021, making it the most recent story to unfold in the AHS timeline. (This presumes that you don’t count the timeline-jarring events of AHS: Apocalypse, which portray a very different vision of the future)

Death Valley is set in 1954 and in the present-day. The story begins when aliens arrive during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency and continues through JFK’s presidency, which was cut short with his assassination in 1963. In fact, his plan to expose the aliens is tied to his assassination.

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American Horror Story has shown fans that the timeline is a malleable thing, and thanks to the presence of supernatural elements it’s possible to rewrite time when the need arises.