What is the first season of American Horror Story?

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When American Horror Story debuted ten years ago, it left viewers in awe. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk took the story of a haunted Los Angeles mansion and turned it upside down, and the rest was history. Each season of the show has featured a name but the first season received its moniker later on and it was inspired by the show’s location.

American Horror Story season 1 is referred to as Murder House. (It makes sense because there were a lot of murders that happened there) It’s the story of the Harmon family, who move into the house looking for a fresh start only to find out that they’re not the only ones living there. They learn that anyone who dies in the house remains there forever, making it a little crowded, and very dangerous.

Murder House is also the foundation of the series and a starting point for many of the characters and stories that show up later on.

American Horror Story seasons in order

There have been ten seasons of American Horror Story and each season has had its own theme or, in most cases, groups of themes that tie the story together both within the season and to the larger AHS universe.

The seasons are as follows:

  • Season 1: Murder House
  • Season 2: Asylum
  • Season 3: Coven
  • Season 4: Freak Show
  • Season 5: Hotel
  • Season 6: Roanoke
  • Season 7: Cult
  • Season 8: Apocalypse
  • Season 9: 1984
  • Season 10: Double Feature

Double Feature is the first season to be divided into two parts, Red Tide and Death Valley. Red Tide has 6 episodes and Death Valley has 4.

Season 6’s Roanoke had two very distinct stories that played out like Double Feature, with the first part of the season revealed to be a television series and the second half featuring the legacy of the series and the consequences of the actors’ actions.

It’s these twists and turns that make American Horror Story the juggernaut that it is. Many cast members continue from season to season in vastly different roles, and now that enough time has passed they are starting to pop up in new seasons as their stories continue.

AHS rebooted itself – unofficially, and only in certain circles, of course – when season 1’s now-grown Michael Landon (aka the Antichrist) brought down the end of the world in Apocalypse and Billie Lourdes’ Mallory turns back time to save the universe. The soft reboot unravels some stories, but only when it’s being utilized as such. For the most part, the show has continued on its original course.

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Murder House remains the foundation of the series and several episodes of the American Horror Stories spinoff took place in the infamous abode. It’s no wonder, then, that season 1 remains a fan favorite all these years later.

Fans can stream all seasons of AHS on Hulu .