Halloween Kills age rating: Is the horror movie appropriate for kids?

Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures
Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures /

Ever since it was announced that yet another reboot of the film Halloween was on its way, fans of the 1978 original have been patiently counting down the days until they can feast their eyes on what’s sure to be one of the best horror films to have come out of this year. Now, there’s only one more day standing in the way between horror movie fans and Halloween Kills, and audiences everywhere couldn’t be any more excited.

If you’re like us, you’re probably in the process of purchasing movie tickets for both yourself and your movie-going group.

However, before you secure your tickets, we want to tell you the age rating for this 2021 film to make sure that absolutely no one is left out from watching every second of this thriller. Read on to find out the maturity rating for Halloween Kills.

Halloween Kills age rating

As of right now, the film has been given an age rating of R (Restricted) meaning that those under the age of 18 are not permitted to watch without parental guidance. The movie not only has a severe amount of intense and frightening scenes but also has severe violence and gore, a severe use of profanity, and some scenes depicting sex as well as nudity.

With this in mind, it’s probably best to leave your younger ones at home to watch something else completely different yet still similar in synopsis or scary vibes. Don’t worry, we have just the right recommendations that are sure to be the best substitution for Halloween Kills.

If watching a film about a crazed murderer is of the utmost importance, then checking out the titles The Stepfather or Hostage House on Netflix will certainly fulfill your desire. But if you would prefer to have something with the same nostalgic factor as the 2021 film, then checking out Edward Scissorhands or The Twilight Zone on Hulu is also worth a shot.

Now that you know all about Halloween Kills age rating, all that’s left for you and your friends over 18 years of age to do is head on over to the movie theater tomorrow night to view every second of this scary movie.

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