Did SPOILER really die in You season 3?

You season 3 - Credit: Netflix
You season 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Before we even begin, consider this your first warning: There are spoilers ahead if you are not done watching You season 3 on Netflix! Seriously, significant spoilers ahead.

All done with your You season 3 binge-watch? Okay, proceed!

You season 3 is a wild, unexpected ride! This isn’t to say we were expecting anything less from Joe Goldberg and his equality eccentric partner in crime, Love Quinn, but wow did events take several twists and turns. Not to mention, Love decided to turn crazy up a notch (or three).

Final spoiler warning! 

Netflix promoted You season 3 very differently than how things played out. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I thought Joe and Love will be teaming up more than they did in You season 3. In fact, they only worked together to hide evidence or get out of trouble, never an actual thought-out plan.

The promotional posters, however, feature Joe and Love happy and as literal partners in crime. A season where we follow this killer duo would have been awesome! But after only the first few episodes, fans knew that was not what they were in for.

Unfortunately, Love and Joe could never get on the same page. There is no trust there. Neither can be trusted, and neither is able to trust.

The series was about to take a completely different road as it seemed like Joe would be the one who dies. Love had us there for a minute! But Joe is always one step ahead!

Did Joe really kill Love in You season 3?

We see Love’s body and her home is on fire, but is Love really, really dead? Joe gives Love a fatal dose of aconite, but even if she manages to survive that, Love still has to escape a house quickly burning down to the ground.

However, we have seen crazier things!

Joe thought Candace (You season 1) was dead, too. And we found out that was not the case. Still, even though You is bonkers, I really do think Love is gone for good.

Love may be gone, but not Victoria Pedretti! I think it’s very possible Pedretti could be back to haunt Joe’s conscience in season 4. And I’d love to see that!

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