The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 episode 3 live stream: How to watch

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 episode 3 takes fans away from the CRM for a brief moment to check in with other members of the group. “Exit Wounds” is also a chance to learn more about how the CRM operates as Jennifer debriefs from her mission.

Below, we share the synopsis, what to expect from tonight’s episode and how to tune-in so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

What to expect in The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 episode 3

This week’s episode will be the first opportunity to check back in with Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Percy (Ted Sutherland). When we last saw them they were on their own, having been separated from Silas (Hal Cumpston) after he turned himself in to the CRM to give them time to escape. They know that Huck/Jennifer (Annet Mahendru) double crossed them but they have no idea what’s been happening since the last time they saw Hope and Iris.

At the research base, Dr. Bennett (Joe Holt) wants Jennifer to find Iris (Aliyah Royale) but she can’t reveal to him how much danger Iris is really in, and how a mission like that would only put her at greater risk. Naturally, Dr. Bennett doesn’t care about the optics, and since he doesn’t know what’s really going on he feels he can insist that the efforts to find Iris are stepped up.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 episode 3 synopsis and teaser

Here’s the official synopsis of “Exit Wounds” from AMC: “An attempted grift leads to a precarious situation. As Huck readjusts to her old life, she’s given an ultimatum.”

This week’s episode is written by Rayna McClendon and directed by Aisha Tyler.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond airs Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on AMC, and new episodes are also available a week early for AMC+ subscribers.

Original Air Date: Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET/PT
Episode: Season 2, Episode 3 “Exit Wounds”
TV Channel: AMC
Live Stream: Stream 1 I Stream 2