This is why American Horror Story: Double Feature ends abruptly

American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Sarah Paulson as Mamie Eisenhower. CR: FX
American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Sarah Paulson as Mamie Eisenhower. CR: FX /

American Horror Story: Double Feature has come to an end, and it’s possible the strangest season yet! In fact, fans are super confused about the “Death Valley” finale, but here’s why it all ended abruptly.

Whether we love or hate an American Horror Story finale, they have at least all come to somewhat of a conclusion. However, the second part of Double Feature seems to just…end. Did the bad guys win? Sorta? Is there any hope? It doesn’t seem like it. So what now? No one knows, but we do have an explanation, more or less!

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you have not finished watching Double Feature! Finish the season before reading on…or don’t, you may not be missing much.

American Horror Story: Double Feature ending

At the end of American Horror Story: Double FeatureCalico (Leslie Grossman) is assigned mom duty. Theta (Angelica Ross) kills Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) after Mamie learns that the plan is to get rid of all humans and take over (along with the lizard people).

Mamie was all about it, at first, but she never thought it would mean the end of her race. After killing her, Theta tells Calico that she’ll be in charge of raising the newborns and Calico holds one lovingly. And that’s it.

Why the abrupt ending? Well, if you remember, Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) predicts that the first hybrid will be born in 2021, and present time. This is also the time the group of friends we followed were kidnapped.

That said, we assume that the events in the final episode are happening right now — in real time. If we were in the world of “Death Valley,” the alien babies are being born as you read this, so there isn’t more to see.

It would have been nice if “Death Valley” showed the future or gave us a hint at what’s to come other than more alien babies, but that’s AHS for you. We don’t always get the answers we want.

What’s your interpretation of the “Death Valley” finale?

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