General Hospital spoilers: Sonny accuses Carly of having Nina arrested

Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Medi
Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Medi /

The weekly General Hospital spoilers are out and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy. According to the video clip provided by the ABC soap, the Corinthos family seemingly stands behind Michael after he proceeded to have Nina Reeves arrested for keeping his dad hidden away in Nixon Falls for nine months. But what about Sonny? How does he truly feel about it?

It appears that he clearly thinks Carly had something to do with it. Of course, she will be mighty happy that her son took a stand against what Nina did. However, she wasn’t the one who actually initiated the arrest.

In the General Hospital weekly spoilers, Sonny questions his wife. He confronts Carly about the arrest and then asks, “was that you?” It’s likely that she will get defensive.

Carly still has no idea…yet…the full extent of the feelings that were shared by both Nina and Sonny (Mike). That will come soon enough. Will the trial bring it all out in the open?

General Hospital spoilers reveal a smug Carly

As Nina consults with her attorney, Scott Baldwin, this week at the courthouse, in walks Sonny, Carly, and Michael. It looks like Jax is also arriving in the courtroom. The video clip that General Hospital dropped reveals quite a smug look on Carly’s face. It appears that she isn’t crying any tears over what Michael did. She feels that Nina deserves what she gets over Nina’s actions.

Michael appears to be confident that he did the right thing, despite Willow’s pleas to rethink things regarding Wiley’s grandmother. This could actually be the thing that breaks this couple up eventually.

Ava is standing behind Nina and is seen with her at the courthouse. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Ava will be helping her friend by giving her some options. She has just gotten more visitations with Avery, but her friendship with Nina may be her downfall. However, Sonny now has somewhat of a softer side since making it back from Nixon Falls, so he may secretly be glad that Nina has someone on her side.

What do you think will happen to Nina?

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