What is Insiders on Netflix about?

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Insiders is a new reality show on Netflix and you, just like millions of others who have already watched every single episode of the series, are most definitely going to be blown away by what this original series is about.

There’s drama, heartbreak, betrayal, and, of course, love, but these things are only further intensified by individuals with large personalities who don’t hold back for anyone and anything especially not the camera.

Want to know more about just what these contestants have signed up for as well as what’s at stake? We’ve got you covered. Everything to know about Insiders on Netflix is right here.

What is Insiders on Netflix about?

Insiders is a Spanish reality series about 12 contestants who, unbeknownst to them, are filming on a reality show where their true colors are always on display. Only one person can come out victorious after weeks filled with alliances forming, tension-filled disagreements, love stories gone sour, and eliminations.

But who will this winner be and will their on-camera persona be vastly different than who they are in real life? We’ll have to tune in to find out. See the official synopsis via Netflix, down below:

"Twelve people think they’re in the final casting round for a reality show. In fact, they’re already being secretly filmed, with 100,000 euros at stake."

The reality series is hosted by Money Heist actress Najwa Nimri and currently has a total of seven episodes, each about an hour in duration. But before you head over to Netflix to view Nimri and these 12 contestants, check out the official trailer of the reality series, down below.

This show is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish and we bet that it may be in the running to be one of your favorite Netflix reality series of this year. It’s definitely ours!

Catch every single episode of Insiders streaming right now only on Netflix. You’re certainly not going to want to miss this one.

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