5 best shows and movies to stream on Hulu in November 2021

The Great -- Courtesy of Hulu
The Great -- Courtesy of Hulu /

November is a good month to have your Hulu membership in order. There are some excellent movies and shows arriving, including The Great Season 2.

While The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 is not on the list of Hulu releases in November, there are still some great other offerings. The full list can be overwhelming, which is why we cut down the list to just the top five.

That’s never all that easy. After all, there are some great older movies and shows that join the streamer each month, then there are the new shows that head to Hulu the day after airing on broadcast networks and the Hulu Originals.

We try, though. Here are the top picks that we have for this month. The list is in release date order because it’s impossible to compare genres.

5 must-watch movies and shows on Hulu in November 2021

The Fifth Element

We start with a movie that you can watch right now. The Fifth Element dropped on Monday, Nov. 1.

It’s one of those movies that needs no introduction. It’s a cult classic, starring Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis in a future where technology has made it possible for cars to fly, but there are still gaps between the rich and poor.

When a woman unexpectedly drops in one man’s taxi, he finds himself on the run from people who are after her. Can he help her defeat a cosmic evil force before it’s too late?

Animaniacs Season 2

Looking for something for the kids? What about just something that brings up nostalgia? Animaniacs was a great new releases on the streamer last year. Now it’s time for another season of the series. All episodes of Animaniacs Season 2 drop in early November.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot return up to their usual antics. And yes, there are Pinky and the Brain up to their usual things, too.

Watch all episodes on Friday, Nov. 5.

The Curse of Von Dutch

For those who love docuseries, there are a few options on Hulu this month. One you need to watch looks at the rise and fall of Von Dutch, the 2000s fashion brand everyone wanted. Hollywood influences, gangsters, fashionistas, and surfers all wanted to control the brand, lifting it to infamy.

Of course, when something rises, it also needs to fall. Von Dutch is barely talked about now, but what happened behind the scenes?

The full season arrives on Thursday, Nov. 18.

The Great Season 2

If you loved The Great Season 1, you’ll be excited to hear about the release of the second season. Elle Fanning is back as Catherine the Great, and this time, she’s the one in charge. But if she thought the coup was difficult, wait until it comes to the attempts to free the country.

There are people against her every step of the way, even those she thought were on her side. And then she battles her feelings for Peter, especially when she learns that she is pregnant.

Like the first season, this is a satirical series loosely based on history. Just sit back and enjoy when The Great Season 2 drops on Friday, Nov. 18.

Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase

Finally, it’s time for something for the whole family. Madagascar: Into the Wild Season 5 drops during the month, but it’s all about the special at the end. This is a Thanksgiving special, sure to entertain the smaller members of the family.

I don’t think it really needs much of an introduction. After all, just mentioned “new Madagascar” and the kids will be in front of the TV.

Watch the special on Friday, Nov. 26.

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What are you watching on Hulu in November 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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