What time does Chucky episode 4 start tonight, November 2?

An all-new killer episode of Chucky streams tonight on Syfy (and the USA network). Here, we share all you need to know, from the synopsis to the tune-in details so you don’t miss a minute of the fun horrors Chucky episode 4 will deliver.

Our favorite possessed doll arrived just in time for Halloween, and it is a hit! Even though Halloween is over and we are now approaching Thanksgiving and then Christmas (where has the year gone?), horror fans love horror anytime of the year. And there are many fun horrors ahead with Chucky. 

What can we expect tonight? And what time will the episode even start? How long is Chucky episode 4? Are you watching the new episode on Syfy or the USA Network?

What time is Chucky episode 4 tonight, November 2?

Eager to watch tonight’s episode? It’s hours away! The all-new episode, titled “Just Let Go,” begins at 10 p.m. ET tonight, Nov. 2, 2021. You can watch the episode on Syfy or the USA Network as it will stream at the same time on both. No cable? No problem! As long as the streaming service you have (such as fuboTV, Sling, or another) includes Syfy or the USA Network, you’re good.

What happens in Chucky episode 4?

The episode is titled “Just Let Go” and it follows the events from that fiery scene! Lexy couldn’t believe her eyes, but now, the secret is out and Chucky couldn’t care less! The serial killer is still after Lexy, but Jake has decided this isn’t the life he wants.

Will Lexy and Jake team up to stop Chucky? The possessed doll is ruthless. It doesn’t get more evil than murdering your own mother. That said, we’re surprised Chucky was able to control himself and not kill more than he did. But that may stop after this episode.

Where will you be watching tonight’s all-new episode? Will you be watching live as it airs on one of its networks or catch it on streaming later?