Insecure season 5 spoilers: Does Lawrence die?

Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Insecure season 5 episode 3 tonight was literally a wild ride from start to finish, as Lawrence and Condola seemed to butt heads at every turn when it came to their newborn son, Elijah Mustafa.

Viewers were shocked at how these parents were so blinded by their rage towards one another that they truly didn’t focus on the blessing they had in front of them, nor could they even manage to put their beef aside to truly listen.

However, this tit-for-tat state of mind was quickly cleared up on Lawrence‘s end when he boarded a plane ride that spelled disaster for his life.

Spoilers ahead for Insecure season 5 episode 3.

Did Lawrence die in Insecure season 5 episode 3?

Thankfully, no, but Lawrence did come pretty close to his final moments as his plane back home faced some super threatening turbulence that stunned everyone to the point where they were sure that death was coming soon.

Though the flight was extremely traumatizing, for Lawrence, this flight also served as a much-needed wake-up call, calling him out of his absent-mindedness and his flaky behavior in his newborn son’s life that he initially found no issue with.

In addition to this, the rough ride also pushed Lawrence to patch things up with Condola by not only apologizing but by admitting that their relationship isn’t what it used to be and has grown extremely toxic for both themselves and their son.

The emotional third episode ended with a shaken-up Lawrence trying to find a way to move forward which means we’ll have to tune in to future episodes of Insecure to know his next steps following his terrifying flight, as well as to know whether or not the aftermath of the flight will lead him to his ex-girlfriend Issa’s door.

With this in mind, you’re certainly not going to want to miss any new episode of Insecure season 5 premiering every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. EST only on HBO and HBO Max.

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