Is New Amsterdam going off the air: Is New Amsterdam canceled?

It can often feel like our favorite shows are coming to an end. There tend to be signs when that happens, and it feels like New Amsterdam is ending.

We see characters return who haven’t been around for some time, or characters take a lot of trips down memory lane. Then there are big storylines that have main characters leaving for pastures new. These are all signs that shows are coming to an end, and it looks like New Amsterdam is following the last one.

Max and Helen are looking at moving to London. This means leaving New Amsterdam behind, and while the show could have two different storylines running, it’s unlikely to happen. After all, the title of the show is the name of the hospital.

So, is this a sign that Season 4 is going to be the last? Is the series going off air?

New Amsterdam Season 5 is already confirmed

Don’t worry, DamFam! New Amsterdam Season 4 is definitely not going to be the last. NBC hasn’t made decisions about most shows just yet, but there are a few that got multi-season renewals last year and the year before. New Amsterdam was one of them.

When renewed for Season 3, NBC announced that the series would be renewed for three seasons. That meant running through to Season 5. We know that season is definitely going to happen.

That does suggest that Max and Helen aren’t actually going to leave for London. It could also mean that the move will be postponed for a year or so, and we pick up in Season 5 with the move back on the cards. I guess it’s just nothing to worry about so far.

Will Season 5 be the last? That’s certainly a possibility. When This Is Us was renewed for multiple seasons, we later found out that Season 6 would be the last. However, that show was always envisioned as a six-season series. There are no signs on how long this medical drama has been envisioned for. It could be five seasons or it could be longer.

We’ll have to wait for the 2022–2023 TV season to find out how things play out and whether Season 5 is going to be the last.

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC. Watch the following day on Peacock and Hulu.