Baymax! season 1 release date, synopsis, cast trailer, cast and more

The hit Disney movie, Big Hero 6, is getting yet another spin-off. This time fans of this universe will be tagging along with their favorite healthcare bot in a series called, Baymax!

The Disney+ original, which dropped its first trailer during Disney+ Day, takes viewers into Baymax’s world with a focus on his work providing medical care to the people of San Fransokyo.

The lovable bot does is utmost to help his patients, adjusting his advice to their specific needs and being there for them as they make the choices necessary to have a healthier life.

Ever the dutiful healthcare professional, Baymax uses his expertise to better the city he loves and the people in it. Here’s what more we know about the upcoming series.

Baymax! season 1 release date

Baymax! will make its land on Disney+ in Summer 2022. A specific release date is not yet known, however, the series will certainly bring some sunshine and fun to the streamer’s summer offerings as viewers are zipped around San Fransokyo with the healthcare bot.

Baymax! season 1 cast

The cast list has yet to be released. We’ll keep you posted on the announcement.

Baymax! season 1 synopsis

An official synopsis of the first season has yet to be announced, however, judging by the trailer, it looks like Baymax’s healthcare adventures are going to be sweet and funny. His idea of wellness focuses on a holistic approach. Baymax provides not only his medical expertise but also goes out of his way to assist his patients in their day-to-day lives including attempting to run a cafe.

Baymax! season 1 trailer

Watch the trailer for Baymax! season 1 below:

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