10 great family Christmas movies (and where to stream)

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Christmas movies
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Christmas adventures for the family

The Christmas Chronicles: What if you saw Santa in your house? What would you do? That’s the main theme in The Christmas Chronicles. Two kids, Kate and Teddy, decided to see if Santa is real by setting up a trap to notify them upon his arrival. The plan works, and the duo hide in Santa’s sleigh. Unfortunately, the sleigh crashes and all the presents disappear. It’s up to Kate, Teddy, and Santa to find all of the presents and save Christmas.

Stream The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix.

The Polar Express: Who wouldn’t want to go to the North Pole? Let’s hop on a train together and watch The Polar Express. In the film, a young boy gets the chance of a lifetime; the opportunity to ride the Polar Express and visit the North Pole. This feel-good-story will definitely bring out the inner kid in you.

Stream The Polar Express on HBO Max.

Jingle All The Way: Is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christmas the unlikeliest combination ever formed? On paper, it doesn’t work, but it’s executed to perfection in Jingle All The Way. In the film, Arnold plays a workaholic father who puts his family second. To make up for his actions, he attempts to get his son the Turbo-Man action doll. However, the doll is sold out and it’s Christmas Eve. Will he get the action figure in time before Christmas?

Stream Jingle All The Way on Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.