Wednesday TV ratings: Alter Ego up, The Goldbergs down [Nov. 17]

With the One Chicago shows off for a week, other shows had a better chance in the live TV ratings. How did they all perform on Wednesday, Nov. 17?

All three One Chicago shows aired reruns throughout the night. While that is disappointing for fans of the shows, it does mean other networks stand a better chance in the ratings.

That’s what we saw. Most of the shows saw upward ticks in the demo and audience number. The Goldbergs was the only show to see downward ticks in both metrics, but this probably isn’t anything to worry about. it’s still one of the strongest comedies on ABC.

The Wonder Years dropped 2% in the demo but was up 5% in the audience. The ConnersHome Economics, and A Million Little Things were all up in both metrics. I think the only show to be concerned about is A Million Little Things and I think it’s going to be canceled. I’m on the fence about Home Economics right now, though.

Survivor mixed, Alter Ego up in the live TV ratings

FOX had a good night. Both The Masked Singer and Alter Ego were up in both metrics. The Masked Singer won the night in the demo, and I’m sure it’s going to be renewed. I still don’t think Alter Ego‘s numbers are good enough for a renewal, but it will depend on the cost to make it vs. the potential cost of other unscripted shows.

The CW also had a good night. Legends of Tomorrow was up 11% in the demo and 8% in the audience, while Batwoman was up 25% in the demo and 9% in the audience. Both of these shows are sure to be renewed.

CBS had a mixed night in the live TV ratings. Survivor was down 5% in the demo but steady in the audience. It was joint top in the demo with The Masked Singer and top of the night in the audience. We already know the show has been renewed, too, so there’s no need to worry

Tough as Nails was up 2.5% in the demo but down 15% in the audience. I’m on the fence about this one. It’s now dropped below CSI: Vegas‘s numbers, which will be concerning.

CSI: Vegas benefitted from the lack of Chicago PD on. It was up 11% in the demo and 15% in the audience. We know CBS is in talks to renew the show, so we’ll see how they go. The delayed ratings seem good for this one, which could be enough to save it.

Take a look at the live TV ratings for Wednesday, Nov. 17 to see how your favorite shows performed.

Which shows are you most concerned about? What do you take from the TV ratings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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