A tribute to the best TV friendships on Friendsgiving

Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press
Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press /
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Here at Hidden Remote, this Thanksgiving we’re thankful for BFF TV friendships! And we are celebrating the best way we know how.

Below and in the following slides, we’re looking at some of our favorite fictional besties. With a mix of past and present shows, there’s bound to be a pair of friends you love or relate to.

Sit back, pop a bottle of rose and let’s look at some of the best female TV friendships!

The best BFF TV friendships

Ann and Leslie from Parks and Recreation

Why they’re #bffgoals: The first group of ladies making the list comes as no surprise and that’s Leslie and Ann from Parks and Recreation. As mentioned above, Leslie is the one who came up with the holiday. These two met under tense circumstances, but eventually became best friends and in a way, soulmates.

Throughout the show’s seven seasons, we watched Leslie and Ann go through life together. From dealing with bad boyfriends, a handful of fights and lots of strangely flattering compliments, Leslie and Ann always stood by each other. Even when Ann moved, the two kept a strong bond which isn’t easy to do. Their friendship was wild at times, but still fun and realistic.

Most memorable moment: It’s hard to pick one memorable moment as the two were together a lot of them. Two moments, in particular, stand out when looking at the history of Leslie and Ann. The first is more sentimental and that’s the goodbye Leslie and Ann share before she drives away. The two say a tear-filled “I love you,” a sentimental moment no doubt.

The second moment occurs the night before Ann leaves. The two are sitting together at the pit, an obvious allusion to the beginning of their friendship. Before they break ground, Leslie tells Ann how much their friendship changed her and exactly what Ann means to her. It’s an incredibly emotional moment as they break ground and see their project fully come to fruition.

Rebecca Mills, Hidden Remote contributor