A tribute to the best TV friendships on Friendsgiving

Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press
Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press /
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Midge and Susie from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Why they’re #bffgoals: What started off as a comedian-manager relationship has turned into a true friendship. They need each other just as much as want each other in their lives. Even before they became friends, Susie bailed Midge out of jail and made her thoughts about Midge’s husband known.Over time, they’ve become the BFFs to strive to be. They’re able to be themselves around each other, no holding back. Midge can share her thoughts and be honest in ways that she’s never been before. And they both support each other when necessary. Sure, there have been times they’ve been on the opposite side of an argument. And that’s when you know they’re the best of friends. They struggled without each other and things just weren’t right in the show.

Most memorable moment: There are many memorable moments but the biggest one has to be in the diner when they talk about their future together. Susie has a fear that Midge is going to forget about her the minute Midge makes it in the big leagues. However, in their quick-talking, comedic way, both cement their relationship. There’s no Midge without Susie and no Susie without Midge.

Alexandria Ingham, Hidden Remote contributor