What time is Dexter: New Blood episode 3 coming out on Showtime tonight?

Are you ready for another episode of Dexter: New Blood tonight? Some fans are able to screen it tonight, while others have to wait a little longer. What time, exactly? Here are the details so you don’t miss Dexter: New Blood episode 3!

Showtime has released the first two episodes of Dexter: New Blood, but there is still some confusion about when, where, and what time the new episodes will be streaming. We’re in a new world since the pre-pandemic days! Now, we can never be too sure about where a new series will premiere, but we’re here to help.

What time is Dexter: New Blood episode 3 coming out?

Dexter: New Blood episode 3 will stream on Showtime on Sunday, Nov. 21, at 12:01 a.m. ET. For those in central time, this means you can stream the episode as early as Saturday night at 11:01 p.m. (check your time zone). However, episodes will also air on the Showtime network on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

Where (and what time) will you be watching? Are you streaming the episode online or waiting for the network?

This will be the schedule for all upcoming episodes! New episodes of the series will stream on Showtime at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday. Or, if you don’t have the streaming app or don’t/can’t stream the episodes right away, you can wait until 9 p.m. on Sunday on the Showtime network.

What happens in Dexter: New Blood episode 3?

Dexter: New Blood episode 3 is titled “Smoke Signals,” and while Showtime has not shared official synopsis, we have screened the first set of episodes so we’ll gift you with some teasers!

“Smoke Signals” will see a frustrated Dexter Morgan not happy about having everyone in town on his property. Meanwhile, Harrison gets enrolled in school, but the principal is shocked by his grades. And if you missed watching Dexter work in a crime scene, you’ll get to see him back in the game (sorta).

Will you be watching new episodes of New Blood as soon as they drop on the Showtime streaming app or catch them later in the day?