Insecure season 5 spoilers: Does Molly’s mom die?

Insecure season 5
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Episode 5 of HBO Max’s Insecure season 5 titled “Surviving, Okay?!” was quite the emotional episode as it featured the grave status of Molly Carter’s mother, CeeCee.

CeeCee, unfortunately, suffered a rather severe stroke that left her bed-ridden for the majority of the episode, and though CeeCee wasn’t always present in the HBO Max original series, fans were still left heartbroken by the somber news, hoping that by the end of the episode, everything would be okay and she would make a full recovery. But did she?

Is Molly’s mom still alive in Insecure season 5?

Though she is still unresponsive, yes, Molly’s mother is still alive.

As mentioned previously, CeeCee suffered a severe stroke. However, it was later revealed that this wasn’t Molly’s mother’s first run-in with the spontaneous medical emergency as she had been dealing with her ailments for a while now.

Naturally, Molly felt incredibly shocked that her mother didn’t relay this information to her, wondering if her mother simply didn’t believe that she could handle the pressure that comes with an ill parent. Even still, Molly rose to the occasion, letting the nurse know that she would rather be the primary point of contact when it comes to her mother.

Later in the episode, CeeCee still lied unresponsive on the hospital bed as the doctor informed Molly that CeeCee’s stroke was extremely catastrophic and could lead to disastrous effects including but not limited to paralysis. Here, the doctor stated that there was not much more they can do for CeeCee, at least, not until she awakens.

The sixth episode ends with Molly sitting by her mother’s bedside, resting her head on her lap as if to say to her mother that she’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Hopefully, by episode 7, we will know whether or not CeeCee makes a full recovery, so don’t forget to tune into the next brand new episode of Insecure season 5 premiering next Sunday, Nov. 28 at 10 p.m. ET only on HBO Max.

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