House of Gucci ending spoilers: Breaking down that explosive finale

Well, we warned you that House of Gucci was a beautiful tragedy, didn’t we? Now, let’s break down that explosive finale! Please note there are spoilers below! If you have not watched House of Gucci in theaters, you may not want to read ahead. 

House of Gucci began as a wonderful love story. I mentioned in my review how if House of Gucci was an HBO miniseries, the first couple of episodes would be so romantic! Patrizia (Lady Gaga) truly did love Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). She was no gold digger. But once she got a taste of luxury and wealth, things changed. Not her love, that never did, but her greed.

Even more affected by greed, though, was Maurizio. I mean, sure, it’s Patrizia who had Maurizio killed, but she did it due to a broken heart. For legal purposes, I’m not excusing her actions. I’m only pointing out that the one who let the money and power go to their head, was Maurizio.

What happens at the end of House of Gucci?

Patrizia’s psychic and BFF Pina (Salma Hayek), finds two men and the duo hire them to kill Maurizio. They succeed. Patrizia enjoys being on top again. However, it only lasts for a while.

The movie fast forwards to two years, and all four receive a sentence. For arranging the assassination, Patrizia is given 26 years in prison, but she only served 18. She’s now 72-years-old and still receives $1.2 million each year from her ex-husband’s estate.

Pina and the man who did not shoot Maurizio also served about 20 years. The shooter, however, received a life sentence.

Sadly, no members of the Gucci family have anything to do with the brand today.

House of Gucci is rated R and is now playing in theaters. The movie is expected to get a streaming release in a few months.