Is there a new episode of Saturday Night Live on tonight, November 27?

Saturday nights belong to SNL! It’s how we enjoy spending our late nights. Unfortunately, we all need to make different plans tonight. When does Saturday Night Live return with new episodes? Who will host when the sketch comedy series is back?

There is no new episode of SNL tonight. SNL‘s schedule can be a little confusing. I know it’s tough keeping up with it. There could be three back-to-back new weekly episodes and then the comedy is off for the next week of so. That’s why we’re here to help out!

When it comes to live shows such as SNL, there is never a new episode during a holiday weekend. The cast and crew take Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays off — as they should! This means there’s no new episode tonight or next week.

Is Saturday Night Live not on tonight? (November 27(

There is still an SNL episode airing on NBC tonight if you’d like to tune in! It’s season 44 episode 6, which is hosted by Steve Carell with musical guest Ella Mai. It’s a very fun episode to watch!

Which episode so far has been your favorite this season? Mine has to be Rami Malek’s episode, Kim Kardashian’s episode is also hilarious! If you missed these, catch up this weekend since there’s no new SNL episode anyway.

When does Saturday Night Live return with new episodes?

SNL isn’t leaving us hanging for too long, only two weeks! A new episode is set to go live on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, with Billie Eilish as the host. Billie Eilish will also be serving as the musical guest. That’s right, she’s taking on double duty.

There are still many new episodes ahead! Which celebrity would you like to see host SNL this season? Give us your wish list!