Is a new episode of New Amsterdam on tonight? (November 30)

We’re ready for more from our favorite doctors at New Amsterdam Hospital. What’s going on with the NBC schedule tonight? Is an episode of New Amsterdam on?

We have a string of bad news to bring about New Amsterdam right now. No, the series has not been canceled. We already know that Season 5 is going to happen, and it’s likely to come in fall 2022.

Right now, we’re focused on Season 4, and this is where there is a string of bad news. There isn’t a new episode on tonight. In fact, there isn’t going to be another new episode in 2021.

The slightly good news is that there is a rerun on tonight. It looks like NBC’s holiday programming hasn’t started on Tuesdays just yet. We’ll get to watch the Season 4 premiere again.

Why isn’t New Amsterdam new tonight?

What’s with the wait? It turns out the previous episode was the fall finale. The networks haven’t been all that clear when it comes to their fall finales lately. This could be because the season isn’t working out quite as normal, especially for NBC. When shows return in January, there will be another long break due to the Olympics.

However, we know that the next new episode isn’t going to air until Tuesday, Jan. 4. We will get to see Max and Helen in London. Oh yes! Max made the decision to go with Helen, and now she’s worried that he will regret his decision to leave.

That could certainly happen if he struggles to get work. He needs to get his medical license in the UK and a visa to start working. Then there’s going to be the issue of him not being in charge of a whole hospital like he was in New York. How long will he remain in London?

New Amsterdam returns with all-new episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c on NBC. Catch up on the current season on Hulu.