3 questions Chucky season 2 needs to answer

CHUCKY -- "Give Me Something Good to Eat" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY)
CHUCKY -- "Give Me Something Good to Eat" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY) /

The first season of Chucky has come to a close, and what an explosive season 1 finale that was! Literally! Needless to say, the season finale has left fans with many questions we are dying to know once Chucky season 2 premieres.

Please note that there are spoilers ahead if you missed the Chucky season 1 finale. If you haven’t watched it, the entire season is now streaming on Peacock. Watch all eight episodes and then come back!

Tiffany appeared! Not the human Tiffany, the doll Tiffany…it’s complicated. Also, what happened to Kyle? We list all our questions, below.

Chucky season 2 questions we need answered

Who is Tiffany in Chucky?

The doll Tiffany Valentine is a very popular character fans of the Child’s Play horror franchise know very well. She is portrayed by Jennifer Tilly in both the live-action character and voices the doll in the films Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, and the series Chucky on SYFY and USA Network.

We’re not sure why the doll is there or who put Tiffany there. Our best guess is that it was the human version of Tiffany. She may have a plan we don’t know about.

Is Kyle dead?

According to the news report, fatalities were reported after the explosion. But we see that Andy and Devon made it out — with the exception of Kyle. Did she die? One would assume so, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve seen enough horror movies and shows to know that, if you don’t see the body, they’ll be back.

What will happen to Jake and Devon?

Both characters have lost so much, but we’re glad they still have each other! However, they are still minors and need a legal guardian. In the finale scene, we see their teacher with them. Will she be looking after them or will they run away as they had earlier planned?

Chucky has already been renewed for a second season, but no official release date has been announced. As soon as we learn more about Chucky season 2, we’ll update you!

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