Is a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on tonight? (December 2)

There wasn’t a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy last week due to Thanksgiving. There’s no excuse this week. Is there a new episode on tonight, Thursday, Dec. 2?

We expected a lack of new episode of Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday. It was Thanksgiving, and there’s no way the networks would put on an episode of a TV series on that night. However, we had hoped to see the return of the show this week.

That’s not the case. TGIT is still taking a break from new episodes. That goes for the entire lineup, including Station 19 and Big Sky.

There’s not even a rerun on this week. ABC has its The Great Christmas Light Fight special taking place again from 9/8c.

Why isn’t a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on tonight?

The lack of new episode this week is likely linked to the pandemic. There possibly wasn’t the time to get the episode filmed to be ready for this Thursday. Instead, we’ll have to wait until next Thursday, Dec. 9, for the new episode.

Meredith will take on a surgery while she’s in Minnesota. This is going to put her relationship with Nick to the test. Will they be able to put what happens professionally in the OR to one side when they’re back to being Meredith and Nick and not surgeons?

Meanwhile, we’ll see Link and Jo head to a fairy tale performance with their kids. This apparently goes wrong, but what could happen? Do the kids scream the place down? Will one of them make a move the other wasn’t expecting?

There is still one more episode of 2021 after this. We’ll see Episode 8 air on Thursday, Dec. 16.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC. Catch up on the current season on Hulu.