101 TV shows everyone should watch (at least once) in their lives

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The Big Bang Theory
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Is The Big Bang Theory worth watching?

Who could have ever predicted that a group of nerds and one beautiful waitress could win over millions of viewers, give us a handful of iconic catchphrases and blossom into one of the most beloved comedies in the world?

Perfectly blending pop culture, science and relationship drama, The Big Bang Theory’s style of comedy is just as intelligent as the geniuses at the center of the action.

Is Dallas worth watching?

There are few TV shows that manage to forever change the game, but that’s exactly what Dallas did with its “Who Shot J.R.” cliffhanger event in a time when cliffhangers were few and far to come by.

Beyond changing the game, Dallas managed to deliver a sultry tale of backstabbing, lust, greed and plenty of family drama! The series ran for an impressive 14 seasons back in the day before returning for three more seasons via a TNT reboot which introduced viewers to a new generation of Ewings while reintroducing them to the characters they first fell in love with during the series initial run.

Is How I Met Your Mother worth watching?

It’s the question that sat on every How I Met Your Mother fan’s mind for the better part of a decade: How in the world does Ted Mosby meet his wife and mother of his children? CBS’ take on the Friends formula featured a mythology weaved within Bob Saget’s narration.

After every date Ted went on, we’d wonder if she would be the one, or if all roads would lead back to Robin in the polarizing series finale. But with running gags that often eclipse the overarching mystery (like Slapsgiving, Robin Sparkles, and Barney’s playbook), HIMYM proves that getting there is all the fun.

Written by Reed Gaudens

Is Bates Motel worth watching?

Bates Motel must be enjoyed. If features amazing talent, you’ll love Vera Farmiga’s performance, as well as Freddie Highmore’s take on Alfred Hitchcock’s Norman Bates.

If you didn’t already know, Bates Motel is a prequel to Psycho. But use the term “prequel” loosely, Bates Motel definitely has a mind of its own. It doesn’t follow Psycho‘s plot incredibly close. The A&E series has a lot of surprises, characters, and shocking twists in store to keep audiences on their toes.

Written by Sandy Casanova

Is 30 Rock worth watching?

Drawing inspiration from the crazy behind the scenes hijinks occurring behind the curtain in Studio 8H’s mainstay Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock brings together an all-star cast led by Emmy-winners Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

In this witty workplace comedy, viewers enter the crazy and unpredictable world of Liz Lemon, an ambitious and timid head writer for a live sketch comedy series who must constantly juggle the egos of her stars and their outlandish requests while fighting to chase her own dream. Art can be at its best when it imitates real life which is precisely what made the series a critical darling that managed to also win over loyal viewers during its seven-season run.